07 avril 2012



Have you already tasted British cooking?


English food is very different from the French one because for breakfast we ate lots of things, for example: We had some bacon, eggs and salted butter, and we ate and drank some food which was like at home: cereal, nutella and coffee.



During 4 days, at midday we ate sandwiches with ham and butter with whole meal bread or white bread in the packed lunch and salted vinegar chips.







At last, on Monday we ate baked beans with ketchup and sausages or hamburgers.

On Tuesday we had some green peas, nuggets with potatoes or spaghetti bolognaise.

On Wednesday they gave us some pizza with chips. On Thursday we ate baked beans again or chicken with pasta.

And on Friday, on the ferry we tasted fish and chips or chicken with chips, an ice-cream and a drink.

So we love a lot all the food we ate there.

Written by Rémi and Aurélien



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