07 avril 2012

Differences between England and France

Differences between England and France.

Are there any?

There are some differences as we drove on the left in England whereas in France we drive on the right side of the road. route-nationale-anglaise

Big benIn England there are more monuments than in France such as “Big Ben “, “the Houses of Parliament”.

The food is very different, there are lot of chips, and at breakfast, it was insipid because there were lots of salty ingredients such as baked beans, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and so on… but in France there are sweeter ones, it’s better.

There is one hour earlier than in France.

QueenIn England there is a Queen whereas in France there is a President.

In England there is a constitutional Monarchy whereas in France it is a Republic.

In England, the money is the pound and the penny (or pence) whereas in France there is the euro.

Some English measurements are the yard or the mile whereas in France there are metres. (A mile is 1.6 km).

Finally, there are lot of differences between England and France but it’s worth visiting. We feel like going back there again.


Written by Maxime and Edgar.

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