07 avril 2012

The differences between our country and England

The differences between our country and England

Do you prefer France or the United Kingdon ?

When we left England we were able to notice that there are a few differences. The English drive on the left. They have a Constitutional Monarchy. The money is not the same : it's the Pound .At noon they eat mainly sandwiches. They have one hour gap with France . The architecture is very different because the former and the modern styles are mixed. The measurements are different from ours . We had to calculate the distances by bus because one point six kilometre is a mile .
















When we went to London on Wednesday April 4th.We were lucky to see the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace . When we went shopping we were able to pay with the English money and we drove on the left as the English did .

They are lots of differences between France and England but there are only 50 kilometres or 31,1 miles that separate us from Great Britain,


Written by Solenne and Ilona

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